Hi, I’m Shelley, the dressmaker behind Sea Shell Sew.

With many cheap kids’ outfits coming into media spotlight for all the wrong reasons, I wanted to make it easier to buy cute clothes that were both age appropriate and affordable. Kids won’t stay at that cute phase forever so it’s important to savour it while we can. Sea Shell Sew specializes in clothes for newborns to age 4, but I can work with you to design the perfect piece for an older child too.

Do you have a child who loves only T-Rex? Or perhaps they like only a particular type of truck and can’t stand the sight of any others? I can cater to the pickiest of miniature style icons using my own fabric supplies or those that you supply. I also design styles that are tactile for promoting early brain growth, or austere enough to be comfortable for children with special needs.

My items are made from cotton to keep those active bodies comfortable, and the items you see are one of a kind. Once I am out of material, that’s it for that design! Each item is handmade and of high quality that is made to last – while also being practical for play. Prototypes of each style are play-tested by a range of REAL children, not machines. These are the clothes that you will hand down from generation to generation.

Stay updated on new styles via my mailing list as I take them from my sewing room to the store.

Handmade children’s clothes made with love so little tykes can stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.